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New era of ocean talent strategy and measures
One, to update the concepts of talents, firmly establish scientific talent view, adhere to the people-oriented, respect for talent, talent to create enterprise culture. Firmly establish the "talent resources are the first resource" concept, the personnel work to ascend to the height of the company's development strategy to plan. Establish and improve the working target responsibility system, the personnel work into the leading bodies at all levels term objectives and annual examination system. Firmly establish the competitive ideas, adhere to the moral character, knowledge, ability and achievement as the main measure of talent. Firmly establish the enterprise and talent "win-win" concept, concerned about the growth of talent, caring for people living, strengthen the material incentive and spirit incentive, support and protection of all kinds of talents working initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, forming cherish talent, respect for talent in the company, with a strong atmosphere of good talent, to create a good environment for the best the growth of talent and talent showing itself, to enable enterprises need talented people attracted to, stay, grow big, use well, realize common development of enterprise and talent.
Two, improve the personnel management mechanism innovation, and actively plan for talent development strategic planning. And enrich company personnel work leading group and offices, to strengthen the implementation of work organization and leadership of the talent planning. Members of the unit under the unified leadership of the leading group, give full play to their functions, cooperate closely with the relevant departments, and work together to build the team to carry out. To establish a management, professional and technical, operational skills three personnel talent base as a platform, reasonable selection of the distinction between core talents, talents and talents, the talent introduction, training, use, evaluation and motivation system thinking, unified planning, on this basis, aimed at the advanced index of steel enterprises at home and abroad, research the planning of talent development strategy to support the international level in modern iron and steel enterprise development strategy.
Three, innovation of talent introduction mechanism, a strong grasp of the high level talents introduction work, enhance the talent level, optimizing the personnel structure. Learn from the excellent business practices, combined with the actual ocean, perfect to attract high-level talent incentive policies and measures, increase the ocean appeal to the shortage of professional doctor, master and the key institutions of outstanding graduates. In the ocean of workstation of postdoctoral scientific research platform, and actively introducing management and professional doctoral, postdoctoral research carried out into the ocean. Use the ocean expert system, to absorb the enterprise management, technology research, product development and other experts and talents to ocean work.
Four, innovation to improve the personnel training mechanism, and promote the training of cadres and the training of high-level talents work, improving the whole quality of personnel. Cultivation of talent, is based on the use of personnel. Further improve the cadre training system, improve training assessment system, new mechanism for the formation of training effect and the use and treatment suspension hook. Talent innovation ability training, talent base, detailed analysis of the series, the level of talent post distribution characteristics and the professional structure, targeted to develop special training program. In order to promote the idea renewal and the ability to focus, to actively cooperate with the Hebei iron and steel group organize cadres training at the same time, "please come in" and "out" combination, focused on organizing the company "Saturday" party, cadre training, professional system management knowledge training, director of Technology innovation ability training, technician skills upgrading training, on-the-job graduate degree education focuses on training project, strengthen the core talents and talents of innovation ability training. Focus on practice and develop talent, give full play to the role of ocean expert system, undertake to selected topic, set up the technology innovation team, develop key technology research platform, to solve the company's production and operation problems at the same time, foster team experts and leaders, each professional field, build the professional elite team. Strengthening cadre personnel rotation exercise, to strengthen the authority and grass-roots posts between, between departments, between units, party and administrative positions with the talent exchange between post exercise, encourage cadres at all levels, all kinds of talents to study in more jobs, broaden their knowledge, to multi skill, comprehensive training and growth ability. Intensify the training of young talents, optimize the adjustment of the reserve talent base, focus on the selection of a number of high level of education, business skills, young talents cultivating future targeted training and post training. Give full play to the talent, help, take action. The tutor apprentice system, play all kinds of experts, technical manager, technician, level with the level, improve the staff quality.
Five, innovation talents evaluation mechanism, implement check out and training system, realize to enter and exit, up and down, to high energy and low. Strengthening the unified leadership over the work and planning, further integration of appraisal resources, avoid multiple assessment. According to the business management personnel, professional and technical personnel and operation personnel job responsibilities, work characteristics of different, the ability and performance as the main evaluation criteria, innovation and improve the corresponding evaluation system. The management personnel, focusing on assessment of management level, innovation ability, executive ability and production task completion. Actively promote the level appraisal, reinforce the critical period of major items of assessment, improve the monthly assessment on important matters, assessment and year-end appraisal unify "three-in-one" test