Foton Aumark Truck 

Cummins diesel engine: the world's best turbo, fuel and combustion optimization, intelligent electronic control, discharge processing, filtration system five core technology, efficient and durable, strong power, the ISF2.8 can produce 3.0 L diesel engine power, ordinary hundred kilometers fuel consumption was only 5.1 L.


Germany's ZF transmission: applied to mercedes-benz BMW cars such as ZF transmission, for the first time applied to light trucks, no impact on the shift, convenient manipulation, transmission efficiency is as high as 99%


Strength: strength test, the witness to the high quality: the industry only 500000 kilometers without overhaul, 20000 km only one maintenance; Through 40 laps around the earth 1.6 million kilometer limit environmental durability test

High power

ISF2.8: diesel engine is a company that cummins invested heavily, future-oriented, polymerization cummins all superior resources and advanced technology, designed for Beijing fukuda cummins engine co., LTD., new development of a new generation of full electric light diesel engine, fills in the domestic high-end light truck diesel engine market blank


Integration design: modular and integrated design, light weight, compared with 12% lower type diesel engine.

High comfort

Car design:according to the fine design of function configuration interiors and instrument desk, using car design concept


Low noise: the new design of high air intake system, air intake noise 3 ~ 4 db lower than similar products


Humanization design:according to the human body engineering, a new development the mark luxury seats, reveal the humanized concept


Comfort: suspension system USES little leaf spring, variable cross-section structure, on the premise of meet the load-bearing improve ride comfort


High environmental protection


Euro Ⅳ emissions: using EGR, would reduce nitrogen oxide to the Ⅳ requirements, within the scope of the travel through the DPF or POC post-processing technology to reduce particles, realize the Ⅳ emission standards


Can upgrade the Ⅴ: by further optimization of fuel control, cut carbon particles to the Ⅳ within the engine, within the scope of the requirements by SCR aftertreatment technology to reduce nitrogen oxides, realize the Ⅳ emission standards; On the basis of further reducing nox, can smoothly realize the


Ⅴ Emissions standards