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Foton Ollin Light Truck


Model overview:

Mr Bell MRT match for Mr Fluid optimization of yuchai, towards chai, Yang chai, cloud, big wood and QuanChai classical dynamical, powerful; European technology on the basis of isuzu chassis, fusion, development suited to China's national conditions of high speed bearing chassis, with a specific focus on the needs of the user the high-speed heavy-duty products.


Super strong bearing:

Application of heavy card technology comprehensive optimization chassis suspension system, strengthening bearing reliability; Special new materials, using titanium steel chassis frame strength increased by more than 52%;

Plate spring slice class products increase the length, width and thickness, higher than that of other brands carrying capacity at the same time, has good light comfort and full load stability;

Frame is higher than competing goods about 25 mm, the bearing capacity increases more than 20%;


Super fuel-efficient:

Adopt Germany Bosch electronically controlled high pressure common rail system, according to the information such as road conditions, loading, temperature precise fuel injection moment, oil amount, the ensure;To effectively use each drop of oil;Streamline car body design, aerodynamic, vehicle wind resistance coefficient is small, can effectively reduce the vehicle fuel consumption;Pumps and optimize the design of nozzle, fuel injection spray is better;Match the special efficient supercharger,higher efficiency,fuel more fully,more fuel-efficient;


Safe and comfortable:

High security: after positive pendulum impact and pressure experiment, meet European safety regulations ECE R29 eligibility criteria. Only on the basis of ergonomics for the light body assemblies are actual development, panoramic vision without blind area;Wide body: bridge outside the actual 2035 mm wide, than the traditional light trucks 10 centimeters wide, is the most wide bridge similar product, the front can easily take 3 people, ease of loading;High comfort: the new shape control instrument desk, car interior soft package, humanized operating system, the cab suspension system using proprietary technology, reducing vibration and noise insulation effect is better, ride feel the sedan version, comfortable seat with high density, long distance driving fatigue.